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Yellow and orange Red Flame Fire Retardant Warning Tape


Appearance Color:  Yellow/Red-Silver-Yellow/Red
Sub-base: 100% Cotton

Reflectivity:  ≧350cd/ ( lx·㎡)
Washing:  25 washes at 60℃ (ISO6330 ), Dry clean 5 cycles (ISO3175)
Product Standard:  EN469, OEKO-TEX 100
Package:  Paper tube+Plastic film+Carton
Product Application: Used for safety protection clothing in the area of fire protection, electronic and colliery.


Flame retardant reflective fabric is composed of high refractive index glass bead bonded to FR-treated cotton or 100% aramid fabric backing. The clothing made of flame-retardant reflective fabric has remarkable retro reflective performance when there is weak light irradiation in low visibility. When used as a fire suit or life-saving suit, as long as there is a weak light, it can find the search target, which is conducive to the rescue of firefighters or people wearing this life-saving suit.

1. Processing excellent protective effect, such as heat resistance, flame retardant and safety warning.
2. The fluorescent yellow or red contrasting part helps to make the material highly visible in daytime.
3. Certified to flame retardant standard such as EN 469 etc.
4. Composed of high refractive index glass bead bonded to a durable flame resistant cotton fabric.



Yellow and Orange Red Flame Fire Retardant Warning tape

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