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Bathroom Anti Slip Stickers


Material: PEVA

Size: 10cm*10cm/pc, 5pcs/set, 1set/opp bag

Color: colorfull


Product Structure:
1.The surface is selected from non-slip sand and no sand special non-slip material
2.The substrate is made of PEVA.
3.Glue is a ready-to-use strong adhesive (solvent type pressure sensitive adhesive)
4.The bottom paper is white silicone release paper



Applicable Surface:
all kinds of paint, plastic, rubber, metal, ceramic, stone, glossy, glass, organic materials, etc.



How To Use:
1. Clean surface carefully, make sure the surface is dry completely
2. Determine desired pattern
3. Tear off the anti-slip sticker and remove the paper on the back.
4. Press each tread firmly onto surface, make sure all outer edges firmly attach to surface
5. Exhaust the air with hand and make it stick to the surface firmly
6. Do not touch adhesive or reposition treads during installation
7. Allow newly installed treads to stand for 24 hours before use

Bathroom Anti Slip Stickers

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